Singapore & Malaysia – accounting graduate – should you start your career from audit firm or commercial

If you’re an accounting graduate in Singapore or Malaysia, more often that not you maybe asking in the event that you should start your career in an audit or industrial firm (note: for those accounting grad, who intend to pursue non-accounting area, it is different set of tales / analysis).

There are pros and cons that you would have heard about having a career in audit, as summarized below:

– vulnerability to different businesses and customer
– Steep learning curve to develop career base
– Favorable increment and promotion
– Exposure in different facet of fiscal accounting, such as: tax
– Opportunity to take care of different customer

– comprehensive working hours
– Tight dateline
– Health

Above are the pros and cons one needs to count on from audit. Different personnel has different priority at different stage of life – it is important for you to w… Read More

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