Tips for surviving busy season

Can you End up waking in the middle of night during the Vacations in a cold sweat, Worried that that bank confirmation was not sent out or tax return was never done.   You might be suffering in pre-busy year pressure!

When I was working in mediation, the expectation of busy season always appeared to creep up around the holidays (glad I am from that trickle ).   Whether you’re an auditor, a tax practitioner, you happen to encourage auditors (i.e.. IT audit, valuations, etc) or work in industry, the forthcoming race to the end point is just like a slow moving car wreck that you see coming every year but Can’t escape.   It’s never too early to start sharing your finest hints, tips or self-medicating regimens (therefore this is a superb time of year to stock up on Jack Daniels and a good “coffee tumbler”) so let’s hear them!… Read More

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