G20 finance ministers commit to digital tax policy by 2020


‘They also have agreed to work on mechanisms so that companies would see their gains taxed at a minimum levels.

Pat Sweet
Reporter, Accountancy Daily, published by Croner-i Ltd
Even the G20 finance ministers have signalled their support to the OECD’s’two pillars’ approach to handling International taxation issues, and pledged to agree to the introduction of a digital tax by 2020

The comments came against a backdrop where individual nations — especially the UK and France — have signalled their impatience with the time it’s taking to agree a global approach to digital services taxation, also have indicated they intend to proceed with a new tax regime within their respective jurisdictions.
‘In January, the 129 members of this Inclusive Framework agreed a policy note that identified the shapes of a solution based on two columns — one addressing the reallocation of taxing rights (Pillar 1) and the other based around a minimum taxation to address the res… Read More

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