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Tax Services We Refer Out

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After 35 years and thousands of tax cases Joe mastriano, CPA offers you the following information. He cautions you, “Do not attempt to do an offer on your own, unless you can’t afford a few thousand dollars for top level professional CPA help”. Never hire a non professionally licensed firm. Law firms and CPA firms are the only qualified professionally licensed firms. Be careful, you will be lied to by debt relief companies who hire CPAs and attorneys to work for them. The company will not be licensed, and you will have no recourse after you find out you were lied to.
It’s always best to do a consultation first from someone who has many years and cases similar to yours so you can gain knowledge concerning the options toward tax resolution. It is only then, that you can make an intelligent choice about doing it yourself and/or who to hire. Joe Mastriano personally does these. Call 713-774-4467 to set it up.

Though this company specializes in referring IRS Tax Audit Cases, we also refer many other types of tax cases. Click the link on the service you are looking for.

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