Chief accountant Wesley Bricker to leave SEC

Wesley Bricker is departing the SEC after serving as its chief accountant since 2016, the commission announced. Sagar Teotia, deputy chief accountant, could serve as acting chief accountant after Bricker departs in June…. Read More

I’m 19 and Bought My First Car, Cash

Nothing like buying your first vehicle money. The way it needs to be. My buddies are extremely distinct from the standard young mature. Growing up in the Accountant family was never easy. I preached the Good Word of financial responsibility their entire life with no indication some of it awakened in. As they grew old the firsts beams of hope seemed after I overheard my women…… Read More

Marching with the volunteers

Accounting, Auditing &Accountability Journal, Ahead of Print.

Purpose The purpose of this paper is to examine the part of volunteers along with its effects on related accountability practices towards inheritance by a big humanitarian non-governmental organisation (NGO) in Indonesia. The empirical proof comes from wealthy fieldwork carried out in an undercover NGO. The authors gathered the evidence mainly through 46 interviews along with five focus groups. found that the case NGO drew heavily to the social and cultural capitals of volunteers from the procedure for serving its inheritance, and that, in turn, eased the enhancement of its responsibility to the beneficiaries. The authors also found that volunteers play a bridging role to decrease the distance between NGOs and inheritance. Research limitations/implications For NGO supervisors, this study offers essential empirical evidence on the positive role performed by the researchers in the development and o… Read More

Audit – impairment assessment – identification of cash-generating units within a legal entity

Recently, we came across a intriguing observations relating to impairment assessment once we audit an authorized entity. The entity, which consist of 3 business branches, is profit-making in an overall perspective. By taking a look at the surface, one could conclude that there is no sign of impairment. Is this sufficient and appropriate?

When we dealt with the audit further (which can be a brand new audit customer ), we noted that one of the three company division is at loss-making and in gross loss position. The assets aren’t generating return that’s within management’s expectation. Is this regarded as a sign of impairment? Yes.

Query: when carrying out impairment evaluation, do we need to consider 3 business divisions or only 1 legal thing?

Looking at IAS 36, a principle of identifying a CGU is to identifying the lowest amount of cash generating unit which make independent cash stream. We noted that the money f… Read More

People in the news: BDO, PKF Littlejohn, Deloitte, PwC, BHP


Grant Thornton UK LLP has enlarged its health department with the appointment of a new clinical management group, together with two external hires, Sue Cordon as a director, also Pippa Jackson as senior manager. Cordon was formerly director, health and quality assurance at KPMG, where she advised in conducting internal audit and advisory reviews inside the medical sector. Prior to that she held several senior clinical and managerial roles within the NHS and the Audit Commission. Considering that 2015, Jackson has been contributing on providing clinical reviews to clients in the medical sector after a 30-year career in the NHS, most recently in community health services.
Wilkins Kennedy has appreciated Mark Barrie as a director in its banks and finance team operating throughout London and North Thames area. He has over 20 years’ experience working in the corporate and commercial banking sector in NatWest and RBS, where he worked with SME businesses to get f… Read More

Singapore & Malaysia – accounting graduate – should you start your career from audit firm or commercial

If you’re an accounting graduate in Singapore or Malaysia, more often that not you maybe asking in the event that you should start your career in an audit or industrial firm (note: for those accounting grad, who intend to pursue non-accounting area, it is different set of tales / analysis).

There are pros and cons that you would have heard about having a career in audit, as summarized below:

– vulnerability to different businesses and customer
– Steep learning curve to develop career base
– Favorable increment and promotion
– Exposure in different facet of fiscal accounting, such as: tax
– Opportunity to take care of different customer

– comprehensive working hours
– Tight dateline
– Health

Above are the pros and cons one needs to count on from audit. Different personnel has different priority at different stage of life – it is important for you to w… Read More

Tips for surviving busy season

Can you End up waking in the middle of night during the Vacations in a cold sweat, Worried that that bank confirmation was not sent out or tax return was never done.   You might be suffering in pre-busy year pressure!

When I was working in mediation, the expectation of busy season always appeared to creep up around the holidays (glad I am from that trickle ).   Whether you’re an auditor, a tax practitioner, you happen to encourage auditors (i.e.. IT audit, valuations, etc) or work in industry, the forthcoming race to the end point is just like a slow moving car wreck that you see coming every year but Can’t escape.   It’s never too early to start sharing your finest hints, tips or self-medicating regimens (therefore this is a superb time of year to stock up on Jack Daniels and a good “coffee tumbler”) so let’s hear them!… Read More