IRS Audit

Your audit defense will fail 90% of the time!

After 35 years and 1,000’s of tax cases, I have found this to be true.

Do you need help to defend an IRS tax audit?

Do you live or work in Houston?

Did you search for IRS audits? I think you will find the following information to be of extreme

benefit to you.

We know how the IRS auditors think. We know what it takes to win your audit.

a) We have 100’s of successful audit cases.

b) We talk to IRS auditors all the time.

c) We know why they disallow your receipts.

d) We know why they increase your income – charging you more tax.

Why did you get audited? Clients of Joe Mastriano, P.C. who follow our 4-part plan have never been audited!

  1. Just putting information in a tax program and clearing the alerts may help the IRS, but it does not offer effective audit protection.

  2. Clearing “red flags” your tax preparer looked up does not offer effective audit protection.

  3. Using a CPA, attorney, or ex-IRS employee, by itself, does not offer effective audit protection. We represent attorneys and CPA’s in audits because they have failed to stop an audit!

  4. We use a 4-part method (when applicable), that gives you very effective audit protection. So far, to our knowledge, not one person was ever audited!

When you send in the return is very important.

Detailing each number, the IRS has on you, on your return is very important.

Using notes explaining certain items in detail and why it should be accepted is very important.

Explaining how you lived if net income is low, is very very important.

You must call us before you call the IRS. They will write down information that will make it hard for you to refute later!

How auditors look at your return!

  1. They know who the tax preparers are. We have a great reputation among IRS auditors.

  2. They know how preparers can overstate deductions.

  3. They know that most taxpayers can’t offer the deduction support they require.

  4. In summary, they know you are most likely being audited because you were not smart enough to prevent it.

  5. E) They will press you for way more than your receipts. IRS auditors will gain access to you and your spouse’s business and personal accounts. They will try to make all deposits income, that you can’t otherwise effectively show. They will not take your word for it!

  6. They know that the IRS criminal investigation division will be interested in hearing why you left out income, overstated your deductions, or why you think you can use all the deductions to get a big refund.


Our Many years of IRS Representation Knowledge and Experience and how it benefits you! (underline this sentence).


Most likely you received an audit notice. Many of you were audited and didn’t know it. The IRS is willing to charge you with a huge tax liability without even caring if you got a notice or not. They won’t even try to look you up and call or email you. Many of you enter into what you think are payment arrangements, only to get levied because of a balance owed from an audit you and the IRS employee you dealt with did not know you were audited in a prior year.

Maybe you were foolish to go to an audit thinking the IRS will just believe you and the receipts you brought. Do you have a tax bill you feel is unfair and don’t want to pay it? We can be of great help to you.


Most people benefit from one of two things. (underline this)

Our $300 all out detailed, how to exactly solve your particular situation (which is usually way more involved than you may want to believe.)

The other is to just hire us directly and start with the retainer fee.

Winning an IRS audit requires professional level expertise from an experienced licensed professional CPA firm. Those debt relief companies, since they are not professionally licensed by their state, don’t risk losing their license from malpractice. They lie to the BBB, and they create phony websites to trick consumers. When the publicity gets bad, they switch companies and lie about the length of time the company was in business. CPA firms are the highest level fiduciaries of any representation company.

My $300 Consultation

I do a killer in-depth consultation explaining how to effectively resolve your audit situation. So if the audit adjustment or your current financial situation makes it hard to justify paying usually between $2,000 and $5,000 for representation, then doing it yourself is way better than taking the risks hiring someone for less. This is why 90% of audit representation fail. Someone needs to have the knowledge of exactly what auditors’ want and how to present it, is absolutely necessary to prevail in a tax audit. Do not settle for less. Over 90% of people who will attempt to help you do not know this. You will suffer because of it.

I want to represent you in your dealings with the IRS (underline the sentence)

  1. We have performed 100’s of successful IRS audit representations.

  2. We don’t train junior accountants, or use “secretary” type case managers

  3. An experienced licensed professional will handle your case from start to finish. You will know the difference it makes.

  4. We have frequent contact with IRS auditors. They know and like us.

  5. WE know how to protect you from being referred to the IRS criminal investigation division.

  6. WE know how to “really” get penalties reduced.

  7. WE can reopen closed audits.

  8. We can appeal audit decisions.


You will be in the 10% winner’s category. Sometimes we even get auditors to give you a refund.

We make IRS auditors happy, and they, in turn, will make you happy.

Contact us now.