True Tax Professionals

When facing a government organization as large and powerful as the IRS, individuals and businesses often need a strong ally to assure them of fair treatment. That’s why the team of tax resolution specialists at Joe Mastriano P.C. strives every day to create a more equitable environment for our clients facing tax-related concerns.

The IRS employs widespread use of coercive collection methods including threatening phone calls, harassing letters and unfriendly visits to your home or place of business. Joe Mastriano tax resolution can bring a permanent end to the aggravation of being hounded by the IRS with our extensive knowledge of tax code procedure while we work to address your tax issue.

Individuals and businesses dealing with tax issues need the most competent and experienced guidance available, and at Joe Mastriano P.C. work tirelessly to deliver it. Our team of thoroughly qualified CPAs and tax professionals is always ready to give you the answers you need for your most difficult IRS-related issues, so fill out our contact form to learn more about what our expertise can offer you.