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Is the IRS auditing you?  Do you need help?  With over 37 years and thousands of successful audit cases, I can  resolve your audit issue. 



We offer unique solutions to IRS tax issues, based on our 37 years of experience and thousands of successful tax cases. We have options tailored to your budget and situation.  Join our satisfied customers! 




CPA firms are the most trusted financial professionals.  CPA firms have the highest level of customer satisfaction in the industry.

Licensed CPA's must meet professional standards for ethics and integrity.  

Your case and tax return is handled by licensed professionals with decades of experience in dealing with taxes and the IRS.  Never settle for less.  


We will give you our honest opinion of the correct resolution for you, now and for the future.  You will get solutions for your issue based on the assessment of  experienced knowledgeable practitioners. 



We prevent most audits in the first place.  If you are being audited now, we can show you what the IRS accepts for evidence.  We can help you get what is missing.  We've even represented attorneys and CPAs who were unsuccessful in dealing with  IRS auditors.  



We will see why you were audited, and see what needs to be done to defend it.

Solving tax issues require asking the right questions. After decades of tax experience, my professionals know the right way to analyze your situation.

After many years and thousands of prepared tax returns, including audit representation, we know how to get and keep your deductions.  We know how to avoid audits.                              



No matter what your audit situation is, I may be the best help you can find in understanding the IRS, solving your issue, and avoiding future problems.

Joe Mastriano, CPA


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  • Avoid and Defend Audits…Pay Less With Valid Deductions
These are common terms and our thoughts about them used in our business. 1040 Audit 941 audit – Payroll tax audit. All reports and deposits to make on time. accountant to handle audit appeal appeal – To question an action in an audit, collection, offer, etc. by the IRS employee. appeal attorney – Attorney to file appeal on collections, audit, or offer in compromise. Appeal Audit appeal audit letter appeal audit results appeal business audit appeal corporate audit appeal corporation tax audit appeal Houston – An IRS action in Houston, TX that you want challenged taken by the collection, audit, or offer employee. appeal IRS audit appeal IRS audit – To challenge a determination of liability by an examination officer. appeal IRS audit letter appeal IRS audit results appeal my IRS audit Appeal my previous years audit. appeal my tax audit appeal partnership tax audit appeal tax audit appeal tax audit letter appeal tax audit results attorney audit help Attorney for business audit in 77072. Attorney IRS Audit Attorney to handle audit AttorneysAudit audit – Tax return examination by an IRS revenue agent. Audit 941 Audit Accountant Audit Accountants Audit Adjustments audit adjustments – changes to tax return items reported on your return. This is made by a revenue agent. audit adjustments report Audit Advice audit advise audit advisors – CPA’s or attorneys who council you in audit matters before the IRS. audit and no mileage receipts – May not need receipts and can produce log after the fact. Need a good CPA or tax attorney here. audit and no receipts – You must prove deductions or lose them. Must get notarized statements from recipients you paid. audit appeal audit appeal issues Audit Appeals audit appeals – to challenge a determination of liability by the audit division. Audit Assistance Audit Attorney audit bank statements – IRS auditors with treat all deposits as income unless you can prove that it isn’t. audit by IRS audit by irs – When the government examines your tax returns to see if it is in compliance or accurate. audit by irs with no receipts audit certified letter – Mailed by IRS U.S. certified to prove mailing. audit certified mail – A correspondence audit where IRS wants you to mail your documents in to them. audit Commissions Audit CPA audit cpas – CPA accountants who are trained in audit procedures audit defense – protection against an audit of financial statements or returns. audit defense attorney audit defense CPA audit defense professional Audit Defense Strategies audit department – The company department that handles audits. audit dispute accountant audit dispute attorney audit dispute CPA audit documents – What is needed to prove items on a return? They are receipts, invoices, notarized statements, contracts, etc. audit examination attorney audit examination CPA Audit examinations audit experience – A tax practitioner that has represented taxpayers in audits before. Audit Flags audit from IRS audit guidelines – IRS or other rules for conducting an examination or returns and related parties. audit guidelines for non profit – Rules for conducting a non for profit audit Audit Handle audit help audit help attorney Audit IRS Audit Lawyer Audit Lawyers audit lawyers – Attorneys who help with audit matters. Audit Letter audit letter – Letter from IRS that says you and I are being audited. Audit letters audit negotiation attorney audit negotiation CPA audit negotiation expert Audit Negotiation Secrets Audit Negotiator audit notification letter Audit of tax Audit on Tax Returns audit problem Audit Process Audit professional Audit Reconsideration audit reconsideration – To have the IRS reopen your audit after it is closed by examination division. audit reconsideration attorney audit reconsideration CPA audit reconsideration financial audit reconsideration professional audit reconsideration representative – A CPA or attorney to help with or to get an audit reopened through the IRS reconsideration process. audit reconsideration rules audit reconsideration secrets audit reconsideration strategies Audit Red Flags Audit Rep Audit Representation Audit Resolution audit resolution attorney audit resolution CPA audit results – Usually on the audit report. audit solution Audit Solutions Audit Specialist Audit Specialists audit statute of limitations – The rules used to decide when it is too late to audit return, usually 3 yrs for individuals and MFJ audit tax attorney audit tax reduction Audit Tax Return Audit Tax Returns Audit Triggers audit triggers – Cause a return to be audited. Inexperienced tax preparers who don’t know how to present an audit create many audit triggers. Audited By IRS audited by irs – Internal Revenue Service examination of taxes. audited by IRS no receipts Avoid A Tax Audit avoid a tax audit – What you will do if you file accurate returns using a licensed CPA firm and file right before the extension date? Avoid getting audited by IRS. avoid IRS audit beat – To get the better of the IRS as in a no change audit, or to do a low dollar monthly payment plan. Beat An IRS Audit Beat Audit Being Audited being audited by IRS being audited by irs – I am being audited by the IRS you cry. Tax exam can go into the year before and after the year questioned. being audited by irs and no receipts Being Audited IRS best IRS audit help best way to approach an audit – Dealing with calling and setting audit appointment, gathering up documents, who to hire, or “should I go to an IRS audit alone?” business audit Business Audit Help business audit- IRS will examine your schedule C business more often then a business corporation audit. business audit problem certified audit accountant certified audit attorney certified audit specialist certified letter audit- IRS tax audit by mail as correspondence audit. change audit assessment Company Audit company audit company audit- examination of llc, llp, 1120, sch c, 1065 or other form of company. Company Tax Audit Consultant for my corporate tax audit. Contract Labor Audit contract labor audit- Must have 1099’s filed or auditor won’t allow deduction, but not the intention of the law. corporate back taxes – filing to avoid an audit. corporate tax accounting – solutions for auditing payroll. Corporate Tax Audit Corporation Audit corporation audit cost of goods sold – audit methods of calculating inventory sold. cost of goods sold audit CPA Assistance with Audit CPA Audit CPA audit consultant CPA audit help CPA help with IRS Business audit. CPA Tax Audit CPA to appeal IRS audit. CPA to handle audit defense – Best audit defense attorney against IRS. Definition of Audit dispute audit adjustments – auditor disallowed expenses I want to fight it. dispute audit assessment Dispute Audit Report don’t have receipts for audit don’t have receipts for audit – What if I don’t have paperwork records for audit? don’t have records for irs audit – I don’t have receipts to prove my expenses. don't have receipts for irs audit don't have receipts irs audit expat audit expat audit appeal expat IRS audit expat stock audit expat tax audit expat tax audit appeal fight audit report fight audit results fix audit fix audit fix audit problem Fix my corporation audit. Fix my IRS audit report. Getting Audited getting audited – and cant find my records. Getting Audited By IRS getting audited by irs – I am being audited by IRS. getting IRS audit getting receipts for audit got IRS audit letter government is auditing me guidelines – for preparing for an IRS audit. Handle Audit handle audit – What if no receipts how to defend? handle audit letters handle IRS audit handle tax audit handle tax resolution – Tax resolution firms, resolve audit questions. help audit help fighting irs audit Help for my company tax audit. Help from an audit lawyer is wanted. Help IRS Audit Help Tax Audit Help to represent on payroll audit. Help with a tax audit small business. help with audit help with audit letter – How to write a response letter to audit report? Help with audit of tax return MFS. help with audit results Help with CPA Tax Audit. help with IRS audit Help with IRS Audits. Help with prior years audit. hire audit attorney hire audit CPA Houston Audit CPA needed. how to avoid a tax audit – Ways to avoid being audited. How to avoid tax audit how to survive an irs audit – manual to survive an IRS audit. husband is being audited I am afraid of the irs – Fear of IRS audit. I am being audited I am being audited by the IRS – what to do if audited by the IRS? I am being audited. I don’t have receipts for tax audit I need an audit reconsideration CPA. I Was Audited By The IRS I was audited by the IRS. I was being audited IRS. I’m being audited – Questions for IRS auditor. I'm getting audited In need of audit advice. Income Tax Audit Income tax audit professional help. initial contact letter – from IRS or audit contact letter. ir audit irs appeals – director for audits. IRS Audit irs audit 2010 – of credit card expenses. irs audit 2015 IRS audit accountant IRS audit advice IRS audit analyst IRS audit appeal IRS audit assistance IRS audit attorney IRS Audit Attorneys irs audit cpa irs audit documents – needed to prove my expenses. irs audit extension – of time to get paperwork together. irs audit faqs – best list of questions. IRS audit fighter irs audit forms – What form do I use for an audit reply? irs audit guidelines – and rules for how to conduct. IRS audit help irs audit information irs audit invoices – What if I lost my invoices? IRS audit lawyer IRS Audit Lawyers irs audit letter irs audit letter help IRS audit letters irs audit lost receipts IRS audit me IRS audit meeting IRS audit no receipts irs audit no receipts – What do I do if I lost my receipts? IRS audit no records irs audit notification – that I have been selected for a tax audit. irs audit of 1040 sch e – rental expenses, real estate depreciation, limits. irs audit penalties and interest IRS audit penalty IRS audit problem irs audit problems IRS audit process irs audit process – How is an IRS audit conducted? irs audit process first meeting IRS audit professional irs audit proof – What types of proof does the IRS accept? IRS audit protection irs audit protection – Steps to take to prevent an audit. IRS Audit receipts irs audit receipts – what receipts are acceptable? irs audit reconsideration – What form to apply to reopen an audit? irs audit red flags – Ways that a return can be selected for audit. IRS audit relief IRS Audit Report irs audit report – complete response to refute. IRS audit representation irs audit representation – who can represent me in an IRS audit? irs audit results – Can I change my audit results? IRS audit rules irs audit rules – regs and code for preparing for audit. IRS audit secrets IRS audit service IRS audit settlement irs audit small business self-employed irs audit specialist irs audit statute of limitations – How many years back can the IRS audit me? IRS audit strategies irs audit time irs audit time limit irs audit triggers 2015 irs audit triggers 2016 irs audit window IRS Audited irs audited – me and disallowed my expenses. IRS auditing IRS Audits irs audits down IRS blog – tax blogs, audit blog, appeals blog. IRS Business Audit irs business audit- irs correspondence audit – letter from IRS asking for receipts. irs form for audit – How often can I get audited? Audit myths. IRS Independent Audit IRS is auditing me IRS tax audit IRS tax audit help IRS tax audit triggers IRS Wage Levy- from lack of receipts for audit is auditing – How many of my taxes can they audit? Joint tax Audit lack of receipts for audit large donation red flag – defend audit of contributions. Lawyer CPA for partnership tax audit. Lawyer help with tax return audit. Letter on IRS Audit. Letter says I’m getting audited. letter to appeal – or mediate audit report adjustments. likelihood of irs audit llc audit llc audit – filing deadline appeal. llp audit attorney – legal liability partnership. llp audit reconsideration – partnership reopen of audit. milage audit – Prove business mileage. mileage log for IRS audit my business is being audited my company is being audited Need a CPA audit representative. need audit reconsideration need audit resolution need receipts for audit Need to win our partnership audit. no bank statements for tax audit – need professional advice. no IRS audit receipts no receipts audit no receipts IRS audit no tax audit receipts non filed returns audit Of Goods Sold Audit opportunity tax credit – audit orphan drug tax credit – audit disallowed. Partnership Audit partnership audit – advice, code, regs, manual guide. Partnership Tax Audit Payroll Audit payroll audit – for contract employees form SS-8. payroll tax audit personal tax audit prepare for IRS audit preparing for IRS audit preparing for irs audit – checklist instructions. Previous Years Audit Prior Years Audit professional audit help professional tax audit help receipts for irs audit – missing lost in flood. receipts for tax audit reconsideration – of audit. Never got notice letter. red flags for IRS audit reduce audit taxes reduction of audit findings Represent me in a tax audit. Representative for audit tax return by IRS in 77004. resolve IRS audit Resolve my IRS independent audit. retirement plan audit retirement plan tax audit returns audit representation – assistance, rules for IRS audit self employed irs audit – Sch C, office in home, vehicle mileage allowance. self employed tax audit Settle IRS Audit Report settle my audit results settle tax audit small business tax audits – guidelines for rules covering. sole proprietor audit – Sch C hobby loss rules, paying salaries. Solutions Audit solve IRS audit Solve problem with company audit. solve tax audit statute of limitations on IRS audit Success with your 1040 Audit. survive – an IRS audit of prior years. surviving an irs audit – manual, program, guide, code, rules, regulations. Surviving IRS audit Tax Audit tax audit accountant Tax Audit Advice tax audit analyst tax audit appeal tax audit appointment tax audit assistance tax audit CPA tax audit CPA tax audit CPA needed tax audit faqs – answers to improve results of audit. Tax audit fighter tax audit help tax audit lawyer tax audit letter tax audit penalties – 10%, fraud, failure to file, failure to pay. tax audit problems tax audit professional tax audit protection tax audit protection tax audit protection – program way to avoid. tax audit red flags – 5 or 10 that will cause tax audit reduction tax audit relief – payroll tax issue representation. tax audit representation tax audit rules tax audit service tax audit settlement tax audit shield – U.S. American respond to letter. Tax Audit Small Business tax audit statute of limitations – change appt. Can IRS audit after 3 yrs? tax audit timing tax audit tips tax audit us tax audit usa Tax Audited Attorney tax auditor interview questions – list from manual, document guide. tax audits tax examination – or correspondence audit. tax IRS audit Tax Return Audit tax return audit – of my companies. Tax return audit solutions attorney. Tax ReturnAudit tax triggers – that causes audits. The IRS audited my company. The IRS will audit commissions if not separated. timing an audit was audited by IRS Was Audited By The IRS ways to prevent an audit what audit documentation is required – to defend. what to do if irs audits my return – who should I hire? what to do if you receive an audit letter from the IRS – How do I write an IRS letter? what triggers a tax audit what triggers an audit what triggers irs – to call me for audit? wife is being audited Win Audit win irs audit win tax audit winning my audit – Best way to. Audit Problem - help with audit problem with IRS

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